Morning Conference – Draw Near to God Together!

Please Note that this event is sold out.  Thank you to everyone who registered!

Join us for the Contemplative Morning Conference:

Draw Near to God Together!          

Saturday June 11, 8;45 am – 12:45 pm at the Metropolitan Bible Church, All Women Welcome!                                                                                                                                                                           As a follow- up to our sold out conference last year, we invite you to enjoy a contemplative morning of creative, reflective and scriptural practices that will help you to draw near and connect with God.  Rest, learn and practice!  Doors open at 8:30 am.   There will also be a mid-morning break with refreshments.There are two general sessions where we are all together, plus there are two workshop sessions. You can choose your workshops (one from each session) when you register.  Come and let us draw near together!   Last day of registration is June 9.  Last year we sold out well in advance of the cut-off date so please register early. 

Cost:  $20.00                   2-sided printable church bulletin insert here

General Session 1 – Drawing Near – Recognizing God in our Daily Moments                       Hana Erickson grew up in a Muslim family until God called her into a relationship with Jesus.  Her faith journey came at great personal cost, loss and rejection.  Hana will be sharing how we can recognize and cultivate an awareness of God in our daily moments especially during our difficult times. Hana actively ministers as a Pastor’s wife in Toronto and has been involved with Toronto Quiet Pools.

General Session 2 – Drawing Near Through Rest and Music – Facilitator: Yvonne Parks.  This musical session allows us to slow down together and to practice setting our gaze on Jesus from a place of rest.  It features the quiet and beautiful worship music of Yvonne Parks.

Workshop Session 1 – Drawing Near Through Creative Godly Practices

1A:   FULL – Spiritual Rhythms – Making Room in Your Life – FULL  Facilitator: Tracy Peterkins.  This workshop looks at the principles of spiritual rhythms and offers the opportunity and tools to assess your current personal life path and to create your own rhythm that allows for space to enjoy your life with God.

1B:  Waiting Well – Learning Godly Postures of the Heart While Waiting. Facilitator:  Liz Chan.  This workshop looks at how we wait for God and how He waits for us.  It offers godly habits to learn and to practice while waiting, and encourages a posture of drawing near.

1C:  Creative Contemplative Writing – Prayers of the Heart.  Facilitator:  Richard Long.  For those who love to write, this workshop is for you.  It looks at the various styles of writings by the saints throughout the centuries and offers opportunities to creatively write and journal your prayers and praises to God using the same.

Workshop Session 2 – Drawing Near Through Classical Contemplative Practices

These workshops are delightful and foundational elements of the contemplative journey and time will be given to practice them. These centuries’ old methods of listening to God can become fresh and valuable tools for your personal life and can be modified for use in ministry leadership to facilitate church meetings, ladies gatherings, home and cell groups.

2A:  FULL –The Practice of Examen – FULL   Facilitator: Janet Parker.  Learn and practice this meaningful method of connecting and drawing near by prayer and reflection at the end of your day.  A fresh opportunity each day to keep our hearts tender and to listen to what God is saying.

2B:  The Practice of Lectio Divina – Facilitator: Terry Long.   Learn and practice this meaningful method of connecting and drawing near by listening and reflecting on the Scriptures.  His Word is living and powerful and speaks a fresh Word to our hearts when we take the time to listen.

2C:  Quiet Room – This space is available for those who desire/need  solitude and personal reflection.  (You know who you are!).  Come in and rest, journal, pray or listen.

Detailed bios of the team facilitators here

Conference Schedule:                                                                                                                             8:30:  Doors open                                                                                                                                     8;45:  Arrive and Settle                                                                                                                                   9:00 – 12:45:  General Sessions 1 and 2,  Mid -Morning Break,  Workshop Sessions 1 and 2