Response Comments

Sept. 30, 2015 – Silent Retreat

“The Pools of Reflection stations spoke very strongly to me.  I love the focus that they bring through the scriptures.”

“I loved the simplicity of the day and really loved the mid-day prayers and the prayers by the leaders.”

“The day was flexible enough for all the things that I was hoping to do.  I appreciated the guided prayers and the times of scriptural contemplation.  The facilitated portions were very meaningful”

“I came away feeling that I was re-aligned again with the Lord.”

“I loved all of it.  Everything was beautifully and gently offered.”

“Well done.  The scriptural contemplative portions with related images and exercises were powerful.”

June 13, 2015 – Ottawa Contemplative Conference “Making Room to Enjoy God”

“This was an incredible day and a conference like none I have ever experienced!”

“Thank you so much!  This conference was very timely for me.  It truly shifted something in me. God used every aspect of the conference to speak to me,  Please continue to expose the body to this expression of His Kingdom in this manner and context.  The mix of teaching and experience was a great, giving people a desire to know more and experience more on their own.”

“The whole day was a great blessing and so needed in the Body of Christ.  Thank you to all the Quiet Pools team.”

“This conference was truly wonderful!!  I was so looking forward to it, and it was the best use of my Saturday.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed all the sessions and I loved how practical your suggestions were. There was an intimacy in worship and the sessions fed into that beautifully. It was a perfect balance.”

“Thank you so much to the Quiet Pools team! what a blessing it was to share a Saturday with all of you! I really enjoyed the peace, the learning, the quiet, and the laughs! What a joy it is to gather with all who love the Lord and want to draw near to him so that he will draw near to us!
God Bless you!

“I truly felt blessed and touched by God at Quiet Pools this weekend.  Bless you all for your leadership and listening hearts.”

“Thank you  for an amazing day! The sessions and workshops had a lot of different twists and turns.  It provided a different opportunity for me to look at my journey with the Lord.”

“I came away incredibly blessed and challenged to go deeper in my walk with God.  Thank you so much!”

From the Day Retreats:

August 27, 2014: 

“I loved the pools of reflection stations of contemplation.  I was touched by the Lord and moved in a deep way. I found rest and peace that was very nourishing to my soul.”

“There was a great mix of activities that combined practical items from daily life plus scriptures to hear and reflect on God.”

“The day was very well planned and very gentle.  I had amazing encounters throughout the day.”

“All sessions were a blessing – a breath of heaven.”

 May 21, 2014:  

“Thank you for your ministry.  This was a necessary and significant time of encounter and listening for me. There was a good balance of structure and unstructured time with great sensitivity shown towards the Spirit… loved it!”

“I met God here in every element of the day.  The pools of reflection were so effective to bring out important revelation.  There was great variety.  It was just right.”

“Lectio was amazing. God spoke through His Word directly into my situation.  It is hard to pick a favorite activity.  I would have liked more of everything.”

“The day was peaceful and restful and went by too quick. The team is gentle and they are able to draw us in and make us feel at home. I was greatly encouraged when I left.”

June 26, 2013

“I loved the pools of reflection meditation stations, the soaking, and the prayers.  I can’t think of anything that I’d change…loved it. Please keep me on the email list as I want to attend the next one.”

“I found the visual aids especially helpful and having something specific to focus on for prayer and contemplation.  There was a good balance between doing activities and being alone with God.  He definitely spoke to me.  It was great to have a day set apart to be with Him and listen.”

“This day was lovely, beautiful and restful.  I feel rested and recharged.”

“I came with a cluttered heavy mind but the prayer time was refreshing and powerful and I didn’t want to leave.”

“I felt the Lord touch me on subjects that were relative to my life.  The lectio gave me new insights into God’s Word.”

May 15, 2013

“God spoke to me through the meditation stations as well as through the lectio divina…very powerful.  I will definitely attend the next one.

“I liked everything, solitude, prayer, and the pools of reflection – very moving spiritually and I feel refreshed in spirit and body.  The day was too short”

A deeply spiritual and refreshing experience with the added bonus of being informative..loved the thanksgiving offering. Let me know when the next meeting is”

“This was an excellent combination of the Word, listening, sharing, praying and creativity. Thank you for a beautiful start to a significant and blessed ministry.

“the entire day was a wonderfully restful and learning experience.  I am delighted to have this opportunity to come and I will be back.”