Who Can Come to What?

Quiet Pools is expanding!  We are happy to serve women in a  variety of different events and we are still adding to it. Some of our events have specific targeted attendees.  Please be aware of the following before you Register or RSVP:

Evening Quiet Pools (meetings of rest), Special Meetings and Day Conferences – all women are welcome.

Day Retreats (Quiet Retreats and Silent Retreats) –  for women who are serving in any capacity of leadership in their church, para-church organization/ministry, or marketplace ministry are welcome to attend.

Leaders Circle  – The Leaders Circle is for senior leaders.   It is for women who serve in recognized and defined senior leadership roles in their church, para-church organization/ministry or marketplace ministry, ie., women who are   pastors, (or married to pastors),  Christian ministry leaders, (or married to ministers), women elders, chaplains, missionaries, Christian business owners, marketplace ministry, etc.  We recognize that there may be some other positions that qualify that are not listed here so please contact us. Thank you.